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Glynneath Dental & Facial Aesthetics

Examination – Full case assessment£40
X rays (each)£9
Study models (each)£40
Preventative/Periodontal Care*
Scale & Polish£39
Fissure sealing£25
Sports mouth guard (Design)£80
Sports mouth guard (Bespoke)£100
Hygienist (per session)£55 – £70
Composite (1 surface)£75 – £90
Composite (2 surface)£110 – £130
Composite (3 surface)£140 – £160
Amalgam (1 surface)£60
Amalgam (2 surface)£80
Amalgam (3 surface)£100
Root Fillings*
Extraction (simple)from £140
Surgical extractionfrom £210
Advanced Restorations (including lab fee)*
Gold crown (each) (price dependent on gold market price)see note
Bonded crown (non precious metal)£470
Bonded crown (precious metal)£620
E max crown£675
Zirconia crown£470
Preformed post/core£170
Gold inlay (price dependent on gold market price)see note
E max veneer£600
Porcelain veneer£460
Bridge unit£460
Maryland bridge£475
Cast post and core£200
Prosthetic Dentures iincluding lab fee)*
Full acrylic dentures (upper & lower)£1,050
Upper or lower full acrylic denture£525
Partial acrylic denture£485
Valplast denture£750
Partial cobalt chrome denture (metal)£850 – £900
Addition (1 tooth)£90 – £100
Each additional tooth£45
Denture repair (acrylic)£90
Tooth Whitening
In chair whitening£499
Take home whitening kit£260
Refill Kit (3 tubes)£90
Refill kit (6 tubes)£130
Replacement tray£80
Stain Removal (airflow)*
Light staining£80
Moderate staining£100
Heavy staining£130
*prices are a to be used as a guide and may vary depending on the exact course of treatment agreed by your dentist.
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